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Before deciding on a roof type for your home, it’s a great idea to consult with a residential roofing contractor; preferably one that serves Mckinney and Dallas Fort Worth, TX. Residential roofing companies in Dallas Fort Worth and Mckinney, TX can help you choose a type, style, and color of roof that will meet your needs and complement your home. Don’t attempt to take on a roofing project on your own. Instead, contact the most talented, knowledgeable residential roofing contractor Dallas Fort Worth and Mckinney, TX has to offer.

Composition shingles - If you’re like 80% of Americans, you’ll probably choose composition shingles for your roof. Composition shingles come in various styles, colors, and brands and mostly consist of fiberglass and asphalt for strong durability.

Metal - People looking for a durable, fire-retardant roof with simple upkeep usually go with metal. Not only is metal the most durable, but it also reflects heat, which results in lower energy costs.

Roofing Tile - Though significantly more expensive than other roofing types, roofing tile can mesh with any unique design to create a beautiful look. Many homeowners love roofing tile because of its ability to withstand fire, insects, and rotting.

Slate - Similar to roofing tile, slate will never rot or burn, and is known for creating a more natural, visually appealing look. This roofing type consists of slivers of rock that match well with Texas terrain.

Concrete - Concrete is also a bit more expensive than other roofing types, but like slate and roofing tile, it is able to withstand extreme heat and rot. If you want a roof that will last for many years, you might consider a concrete roof.


When choosing a roof type, you need to consider the style and type of the home you live in. Below you’ll find information about each style of home and what roof may work best. For more info on home types, contact our residential roofing contractor in Dallas Fort Worth and Mckinney, TX.

Victorian Style

Victorian Style homes are known for their pointed roofs, vertically aligned windows, and immaculate porches and seating areas. If you’re looking for a roof type to fit with a Victorian Style home, slate shingles are probably your best choice.
Colonial Style

Colonial homes often feature steeply slanted roofs, windows with shutters, and an orderly, symmetrical overall look. Slate shingles are a great compliment to colonial style homes, especially when darker colors are selected to balance with the colors of the home.


Tudor homes feature a romantic, elegant look that immediately catches the eye. You will most often find Tudor style homes in mountainous areas, but you may also find them scattered throughout suburban neighborhoods. Some of the noticeable features of Tudor Style homes include a stone exterior, decorated chimneys, a steep roof, and half-timbering. If you’re looking for a roof to fit with a Tudor Style home, you may want to choose a higher end brand and warm colors to accent the unique features of the home.
Seen frequently in the western United States, Craftsmen Style homes are extremely popular because of their exposed structural elements and shallow pitched roofs. Choose wood shingles and earthy colors like green and brown for your roof if you have a Craftsmen home.

These type of homes often feature an open floor plan with large windows, wood doors, and lower pitched roofs. You can choose any roof type, but keep in mind that war colors like brown, red, and gray will make a Mediterranean or Tuscan home look more visually appealing.
French Country

French Country homes are often characterized by a beautiful stone and stucco exterior, ancient style windows and balconies that remind one of a romantic time period. Any type of roofing can look exquisite with a French Country style home, but generally conservative colors are selected so the focus remains on the home itself.

Ranch homes are usually single story homes with a low pitch roof, large windows, and an exterior that consists of masonry, stucco, and wood. Unlike homes with two stories or more, a Ranch home will require a much larger roof, making it extremely important to select a type that complements the home. It’s better to stay with neutral color tones, but the homeowner is free to choose which type of shingles they prefer.

Mountain homes are loved for their beautiful wood work, stone, and large overhangs. Mountain style homes—true to their name, are found in an outdoor environment, so the roof you select should match with that rustic environment. Any type of roof will look great, but warmer and neutral colors are best.
Shingle Style

The architecture of a Shingle home stays true to American Style, with its combination of horizontal lines, open floor plan, and eaves and gables. Any type of roof will work well with a Shingle style home.

You can find modern and contemporary homes anywhere in the country. They often feature an irregular frame and large windows. The materials used to build the home include polished marble, chrome and stainless steel. Any type of roof can be used with modern and contemporary homes.
For more information on roof styles, types, and brands, contact Hutchins Roofing, the number one residential roofing contractor in Dallas Fort Worth, TX and Mckinney, TX. A roofing project can be complex and tiresome, so contact our Dallas Fort Worth, TX and Mckinney, TX residential roofing company to help you out.